Mr Stanley McLiesh


Non-Executive Chair


Mr McLiesh has vast experience in commercializing pharmaceutical products internationally.

As the former General Manager, Pharmaceuticals at CSL Limited, he was closely involved in the transition of CSL from government ownership through corporatisation to a highly successful listed company. While at CSL, Mr McLiesh brokered numerous in-licensing agreements with international companies enabling CSL to expand into new markets profitably.

He has also been closely involved in a number of M&A transactions, the establishment of partnerships and collaborative relationships while he was the key professional to negotiate supply agreements for CSL's export products to international markets.

Mr McLiesh was formerly a non executive director of Unilife Medical Solutions Ltd. His considerable experience in the international pharmaceutical industry benefits CLINUVEL's international strategies.

In the latter stages of the development program Mr McLiesh is involved in formulating the commercial phase of CLINUVEL.

Latest Company Announcements

09 August 2017

Form 604, 09 August 2017

Notice of change of interests of substantial holder

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31 July 2017

Appendix 4C - Quarterly report

Appendix 4C

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25 July 2017

CLINUVEL Newsletter - July 2017

For those who have followed the Company over the years, the journey of our teams has most often been counter-current to arrive at the present point.

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10 May 2017

Appendix 3B

Appendix 3B

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10 May 2017

CLINUVEL Newsletter - May 2017

I look back at a turbulent period, as CLINUVEL has brought the ‘negotiations’ with GKV-Spitzenverband (National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds in Germany) to a successful end.

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02 May 2017


CLINUVEL announce that the Department of Health has designated SCENESSE® to be evaluated as a Highly Specialised Technology (HST)

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