"the golden age?"

09 Sep 2009

CLINUVEL Non-Executive Chair Brenda Shanahan and Non-Executive Director Roger Aston discuss the progress of CLINUVEL's clinical program with Scenesse (Afamelanotide)

Administered by physicians as a controlled-release resorbable implant, Scenesse is a preventative drug activating melanin - pigmentation - in the skin.

Melanin provides a biological barrier, protecting skin from UV and visible light. Medically, this is known as photoprotection.

Scenesse is released over 10 days by the implant, while activating melanin for up to 60 days. The breakthrough controlled-release formulation maximizes the effect of the drug, while minimizing patient exposure to drug substance.

CLINUVEL’s ongoing clinical program aims to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of Scenesse as a medicinal photoprotective drug.

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